4 Best Couple Board Games

We took a look at which games were specially created for couples or at least are a lot of fun in a small group. In this blog we will present our top list of the games. All games are specially prepared for 2 people. As always, in a combined list to represent as many game genres as possible. So there is something for every taste. Since we can and would like to warmly recommend each of the following games for two, the following list is to be understood more as a list and less as a ranking!

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7 Wonders Duel 

7 Wonders Duel is also an offshoot of a legendary and successful board game: The great thing about 7 Wonders was always that you can play it in a larger group of up to 7 players. The better thing about 7 Wonders was that you can only play it well in a larger group. The solution: 7 Wonders Duel. Feels like 7 Wonders, but is a pure 2 player game. And that works great. The main element of 7 Wonders is card drafting – choosing cards from a hand of cards, which are then passed on to the next player until all of them are dealt.

Best Couple Board Games
Best Couple Board Games


Fugitive, the chase for 2 players is a chase using cards. It is an asymmetric game. The fugitive starts at location 0 and tries to reach destination 42. However, you suddenly cannot flee too far and have to make frequent stops. A new hiding place can only be a max. of 3 numbers larger than the last one – unless you make an intermediate sprint, but that costs additional cards, which will slow down further escape.


Try to earn a certain amount of money by trading goods before your opponents do. There are 6 different goods that we can buy and sell, but our market stall has very limited storage. The deck of cards also hides all sorts of animals, people and items that can be useful to us.


Targi is a demanding strategy for 2 players. As a tribe leader of a desert people, we trade in goods and want to expand our tribe. Targi is a challenging board game, which is not only confirmed by the age specification: recommended for ages 12 and up. The Targi game board is made up of a 5×5 grid of cards, on the edge of which we place our tribe members. An action is triggered where the straight lines of 2 tribe members cross. This is how we can get goods or buy tribal cards. Targi offers numerous chances for action and requires strict resource plans.


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