5 Signs He’s Not The One

You are in love, you have butterflies in your stomach. But at some point your love for your partner wanes and suddenly you discover qualities in him that you don’t really think are great. Doubts inevitably arise in you: Isn’t he the right one for me? We explain how you can recognize Mr. Wrong.

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Different Future Plans

You have completely different ideas about living together in the future. Would you like to get married and live in a penthouse in the city while he is more drawn to the countryside and doesn’t believe in marriage? It’s going to be difficult with the two of you.

In general, if one of the points applies to you, then of course that doesn’t mean that you have to put an end to your relationship immediately. But if you can put a tick next to several of the problems listed above, you should listen carefully to yourself: Are you happy or unhappy most of the time? Most of the time, your own gut feeling is the indicator of a relationship that is good for us or not.

You’re Not His Number 1

It happens again and again that he stands you up because a meeting with his buddies got in the way? He keeps saying he doesn’t have time for you at the weekend because he has to watch football? If you have problems or worries, he is never there for you. You just can’t count on him. If he doesn’t put you among his priorities, better dump him.

10 Signs He Not The One
5 Signs He Not The One

Everyone Lives Their Own Life

Doesn’t bother you at all, because it’s normal for you that everyone does their own thing? If you only see each other rarely and hardly ever miss each other in between, then the love was either never there or has died out in the meantime.

The Balance Is Wrong

You invest a lot more emotionally in your relationship than he does? If you care and make an effort, but don’t get the same from him, then his interest in you is obviously not that great.

You Have To Defend Him In Front Of Your Friends and Family

Your partner doesn’t necessarily have to be a perfect match for your circle of friends, and they don’t have to be on first-name terms with your parents either. But if he can’t be integrated into your social environment at all, this is a strong indication that he doesn’t suit you. In addition, it becomes difficult to lead a harmonious life with him isolated from everything.


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