Advantages Of Getting Trained And Having An HGV License

Do you like to travel a lot and dream of being behind the wheel of a HGV? Would you like to safely move valuable goods weighing up to tons? Then training to become a HGV driver is the right thing for you.

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What is a HGV driver?

Everyday working life has changed in recent decades and has certainly become tougher. But they do exist – the HGV drivers for whom this job is a vocation and who practice it well. With this guide, we will help you make the important decision about your career choice. In this guide, we focus on training to become a professional HGV driver in freight.

hgv drivers
hgv drivers

Importance of obtaining HGV licence in driving career

On the way to becoming a professional HGV driver , you go through a three-year dual course, which means you work in your company and also go to vocational school on certain days of the week. You work for freight forwarders, logistics companies or in construction sector. Anyone driving a heavy vehicle on the road bears a great deal of responsibility. A prerequisite for highest safety on the road is not just good knowledge of road regulations. Your truck must also run flawlessly. That’s why you check the engine, the tires and the systems before you drive. You will even be able to carry out minor repairs yourself via the HGV licence.

What are the benefits of being a HGV driver?

External travel expenses – Travel expenses covered by HGV. The transport to the place of work is handled by the company on a case-by-case procedure. 

Performance bonuses- Performance funds are allocated to reward the driver each month. These consist of bonuses in additions depending on each employee’s knowledge, courtesy in dealing with employees and  in the performance of their duties.

Receiving devices on departure – Reception of the equipment on the way. The equipment is offered by the company and consists of boots according to the size of each wearer, protective gloves and so on.

Is HGV driving stressful?

The transport sector has changed notably  as a result of digitization. Many trucks are equipped with numerous driver assistances. You want to learn how to use digital equipment and camera for more safety on the road. With the help of navigation devices, you usually decide your roads independently. Depending on the sector, the job of a HGV driver can be extremely varied. As a rule, you transport goods for a company. Doesn’t that sound so exciting at first? It depends on which roads you feel like doing, which branch you choose and what you make of it. 

What skills do you need to be a HGV driver?

Good technical knowledge is an indispensable requirement in everyday life for every HGV driver. On the one hand, when it comes to repairs or a tire change that needs to be done spontaneously: there is not always a suitable workshop nearby, especially abroad. It also saves the driver or the company a lot of money and time if at least minor repairs can be carried out on.

The prospects in this profession are definitely very good. Trade and global freight are leading to more and more transport on our roads. As a HGV driver, you are a sought after specialist. With your high level of motivation, you don’t need to worry about your future at LGV training company.


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