Angels and Their Duties: Things You Need To Know

According to Christianity, each of us has a guardian angel who accompanies us from birth to our death and stays by our side in every moment of life. The thought of ​​a spirit, a supernatural being that follows and watches over every human being, was already present in other religions. In the Old Testament we read that God is surrounded by a veritable court of heavenly beings who worship and act in his name. Even in these old books one often finds references to angels who were sent by God as protectors of peoples and people, or also as messengers. In the Gospel, Jesus invites us to respect even the smallest and the humble, pointing to their angels who watch over them from heaven at every time in the face of God.

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Guardian Angels Exist

The gospel confirms this, the Scriptures support the idea with countless examples and series. The catechism teaches us from an early age to feel and trust this presence at our side.

Angels Have Always Existed

Our guardian angel does not arise at the moment of our birth. He has always existed from the period God created all angels. It was a moment, in which the divine will brought forth all the angels by the hundreds. 

Angels And Their Duties
Angels And Their Duties

Our Angel Never Fails Us

We know that in this life and the next we can count on him, on this invisible and specific friend who never leaves us alone.

Our Angel Is Not The Spirit Of A Dead Person

While it’s nice to think that when a loved one dies, they become an angel and stay with us forever, unfortunately that’s not the case. Our Guardian Angel cannot be someone we have known in life, nor can it be a member of our relatives who died prematurely. It has always existed, it is a spiritual presence created by God. That doesn’t mean he loves us any less! Let’s remember that God is first and foremost love.

Our Guardian Angel Has No Name

If he has one, it’s not our job to determine. In the scriptures the names of some angels are mentioned. Any other name given to these heavenly creatures is not recorded or endorsed by the Church. As such, it is inappropriate to use these names for one’s Guardian Angel, or to call them after the name of their birth or in any other fanciful way.

Our Angel Fights At Our Side With All His Might

We must not think that we have at our side a tender and chubby putto playing the harp. Our angel is a warrior, a strong and brave fighter who stands by us in every battle of life and protects us when we are too fragile to do it alone.

Our Guardian Angel is also our individual messenger who is supposed to deliver our prayers to God and vice versa. It is the angels that God uses to communicate with us. Your job is to help us understand. His Word and point us in the right direction.


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