Best Caravanning Packages in Fuerteventura

Camping and tents on the Canary Islands promises an adventure flair and is the best for lovers of this holiday variant. Nice landscapes and the sea close to the caravan or your own tent.

Compared to other holiday destinations, camping in the Fuerteventura is less common. The demand is there, but the range of public campsites and tent sites is manageable, which is why sound planning and early organization are the priority for this kind of travel and holiday. There are also differences in the way of camping and the places offered. If you are planning longer island, hiking or mountain tours, you can also camp with your tent in places and places that are not explicitly marked, with permission from the Islands Environmental Protection. However, the stay in the camper van Fuerteventura must not exceed 2 days. The application must be submitted to the authority with a lead time of 10 days. The exact route is to be submitted here, on which the envisaged overnight accommodations are listed.

There are no private campsites on Fuerteventura, only the official ones in Punta Salinas, Las Casas de Cofete. Here too, a prior reservation with the island administration is necessary, after which you can spend up to one week free of charge on the place. Here there are only natural campsites for tents, but they are among the most beautiful on the whole places. Especially the campground in the wooded basin promises an unforgettable experience of nature for all those who make the long journey: The site can only be reached with mountainous hiking trails.

The other places on the island also offer space for some tents, partly also unattended huts. Reservations are made through the island’s Environment Agency. Free camping and wild camping is particularly strictly controlled on the island, since large parts of the island are under nature protection. The island is rather unsuitable for camper van Fuerteventura with a mobile home, it makes more sense to rent a car.

Benefits of Caravamos

Camping holidays in a mobile home are becoming increasingly trend on Fuerteventura via Discovering the island freely and independently has a very specific charm with the Caravamos company. With a camper you can actually stop and stay overnight anywhere on Fuerteventura, except where it is expressly forbidden. However, you should not leave the camper van Fuerteventura in the same place for longer than 2 days.


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