Best DIY & Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Party

This Halloween inspires people from all over the world! We’re serious! Not only small children, but also adults immerse themselves in the enchanting world of witches, mummies and spiders. There’s something so lovely about it. There is a festive thing on the streets, children go from house to collecting sweets, people throw big and scary parties with amazing decorations. The costumes, the make-up and the unique designs make this one of those festivals that have euphoric flair. We have already created countless posts about Halloween. Today we are dealing with Halloween food.

Actually, almost nobody eats at the Halloween parties. You don’t have time for it. It’s better to talk to buddies, dance and drink and just have a lot of fun! But food is an important part of any party. What is on the table is not just a meal, but rather a decoration. Not a usual decoration but a themed one! With that in mind, be prepared to see some very spooky dishes. 

Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Party
Easy Halloween Food Ideas for Party

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Cider Pumpkin Bowl

What would an adult Halloween party be without the right drink? Served in a pumpkin, it’s sure to get you in the spirit of Halloween. Easily one of the most perfect Halloween recipes. Cut a top off the pumpkin, then scrape out the flesh to leave a 2cm border. Peel the ginger and grate finely with a ginger grater. Mix the apple juice with the lemon juice, the orange juice and the grated ginger in a saucepan and cook the pumpkin balls in it until they are ready. When the balls have cooled, add them to the hollowed out pumpkin along with the juice and mix with the cider. If you have used a large pumpkin, you can add whole apples to the bowl as design, which gives the whole thing an autumnal touch.

Black Lemonade

Mix the juice of one lemon with the ginger ale. Dissolve the tablespoon of agave syrup in the water and add to the ginger ale. Add the charcoal and stir well. Slice the other lemon and hang it on the jar for a nice look.

Witch Finger Cookies

Mix flour and baking powder. Mix the butter, sugar, egg, bitter almond and vanilla with a hand mixer and mix with the flour. Finally, knead the dough again by hand until smooth. Wrap in cling and place in the fridge for an hour. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees. Pluck off small portions of the dough and form into fingers, slightly thicker in the middle to suggest a knuckle shape. Slightly press in the tip of the dough and press in an almond as a fingernail. Bake the fingers in the oven for half an hour until lightly browned. To make the almond fingernails stick even better and to increase the spooky look, remove the almonds after baking and stick them back to your finger with red food coloring.


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