Best Feel Good Movies to Make You Happier

During the pandemic, it is sometimes not so easy to be in a good mood. If you miss friends, family or just your favorite cafe around the corner, are stressed or feel lonely, a movies can sometimes help to take your mind off things.

Bad days come and go. Having a good day means enjoying life. If everything goes haywire, it’s usually not that easy to keep smiling. What better way than curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea under a blanket and watching a movie that will undoubtedly lift your spirits and promise you that the world will be a different place in the morning? Exactly, nothing. Nothing beats a movie night with a feel-good one that makes you forget your own problems for a few hours. In the following we show you some movies that will definitely make you happy!

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Pitch Perfect

Beca doesn’t particularly enjoy living on dorm, studying and so on. She would much rather work as a DJ and just throw everything away. When a cappella notices her and precisely forces her to perform with them and support the team, Beca suddenly doesn’t know where her head is anymore. Her expectations of life are mixed up with real world and she has to make a decision: Can and does she want to lead the team, the Bellas to success – if so, how?

Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect

Isn’t It Romantic?

The Netflix movie is about the architect Natalie. Her life is actually quite normal, she thinks. At least until she wakes up in a comedic way of her life. Desperate, she sets out to solve the riddle and tries to get her old life back. With a lot of humor, this comedy is already one of the funniest in the list. A good mood is inevitable when you experience the funny way of her life, played by Rebel Wilson.

Set It Up

Harper is 25 years old and a subordinate to a well-known journalist. Harper wants nothing more than to become an aspiring journalist herself, so she anticipates her journalist’s every wish in hopes of getting her support. Charlie is alike waiting for that long-awaited promotion – he’s also an assistant to a well-known entrepreneur. When both get to know each other, the penny drops quickly: they both want to give each other more free time and a possible promotion by setting up their two bosses. A hatched idea that you as a spectator like to watch. The actors combine well and redefine their concept of happiness together.

The Kissing Booth

The romantic comedy explores how a seemingly forbidden kiss leads to a relationship that must be kept secret. Elle is a late bloomer and has lively discussions with her best friend about how much this annoys her – but when her crush actually makes the first move and kisses Elle, there is no way Elle can tell her best friend because Lee and Noah are brothers and Lee has urged Elle not to relate with her brother. Elle has to decide what she wants – and above all, whether and if so, how she can tell Lee about Noah, if possible without hurting him.


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