Best Laptop Sleeves (2023 Reviews)

If you want to enjoy your laptop for as long as possible, it is better not to do without a protective cover, also known as a laptop sleeve. Whether with a zip, with a snap button or in leather, the huge variety of products could make it difficult for you to find your favorite sleeve.

Our comparison table will help you. Read this page to find out which criteria are important in your sleeve test, in addition to the product and the style. It is good to pay attention to the type of closure, the size that fits your laptop and the most waterproof one possible.

A laptop sleeve is a protective cover for a notebook. The case is designed to protect against knocks, bumps and scratches. You have the choice of buying a leather or synthetic sleeve, while others are rarely available. Genuine leather sleeves are not new. The size of the laptop sleeves is based on the size of your device and is in inches. You only need to know the size of the laptop screen in inches in order to buy a sleeve of the right size.

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What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of A Laptop Sleeve?

Before you buy a cheap laptop sleeve, you may be wondering if you can make a sleeve yourself. This is possible in principle, but is more time-consuming than buying a finished sleeve. As for the advantages and disadvantages of the purchased laptop sleeves,

  • Material: for example a leather sleeve made from a synthetic design
  • Processing: as robust as possible, shockproof and water-repellent
  • Style and color: for example a discreet laptop sleeve in beige, a laptop sleeve in rose or a blue sleeve
  • suitable for which laptop size in inches: for example a 15.6 inch sleeve
  • Ease of cleaning: the laptop sleeve is machine washable
Best Laptop Sleeves
Best Laptop Sleeves

Are There Any Independent Reviews Of Laptop Sleeves?

When you bought a new laptop, you first looked around for an independent test. You would now like to proceed in a similar way when looking for your sleeve test winner. Then you can use the ratings of other consumers as a basis for your sleeve comparison. You have already carried out a laptop sleeve of various cases in practice and made your decision. You can be sure that the perfect laptop sleeve has received numerous good reviews. On the other hand, you should stay away from protective covers with no ratings at all or rather poor ratings on average.


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