Caravanning Trip Ideas in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a year-round travel destination for families, couples of all ages. The Canary Island has a lot to offer: White beaches in front of the facilities attract sunbathers, while water enthusiasts who like to sail out to sea, swing into the waves or dive into the colorful underwater world are also very welcome. For adventurers, a caravan ride through the far-reaching mountains of the Island is an unforgettable excursion. Discover our Fuerteventura highlights for your holiday!

How To Rent Fully Equipped Luxury Motorhomes In Fuerteventura
How To Rent Fully Equipped Luxury Motorhomes In Fuerteventura

We continue with our tips for Fuerteventura holidaymakers who want to do other things on the island in addition to sunbathing via caravaning.

On the first day you can reserve for an island caravan fuerteventura tour with the rental caravan. So you are able to get a rough overview of the entire island. Highlights for the tour on this round is the El Jable dunes, the Punta de Toston with its white sandy bathing bays and the lighthouse, the mountain village of Betancuria, as well as the wild, windswept coast.

Just behind the Costa Calma stands is the del Rio Costa Calma and the Jandia. The landscape is a hilly semi-desert with sand dunes, in which almost 50 windmills and which is criss-crossed by numerous paths. For us, the terrain for a mountain bike organisation. A rental station for bikes can be found on almost every corner in Fuerteventura. Since the area is clear and criss-crossed by paths, we you dont have plan a precise route and just drive off. You can enjoy the view on the hills and reorientate yourself. All in all, a pleasure caravan fuerteventura tour for which you should plan at least half a day. 

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