Do You Love Me? How To Stop Needing Reassurance In A Relationship

With a healthy self-confidence life is definitely better and happier! But how does good self esteem actually express itself in a relationship? For most men and women, a dream woman has one quality above all: self confidence! No surprise, because both the lover and the relationship benefit from this!

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You Are Faithful

Confident women don’t need reassurance from other men or women, so an affair doesn’t appeal to them. If something is missing in your relationship, be open about it and don’t compensate by betraying your lover.

They Don’t Try To Change Their Partners

Confident women are at peace with themselves – despite their weaknesses and even though they know that they are not remotely great. And they apply the same procedures to their counterparts as they do to themselves. The person doesn’t have to be great for you to love them – just be genuine.

How To Stop Needing Reassurance In A Relationship
How To Stop Needing Reassurance In A Relationship

They Maintain Their Independence

Self confident women keep their way, even if they are in a relationship. You remain an independent woman with your own feelings, friends, interests and goals. Your lover is your companion, for whom you make compromises and sometimes take detours, but you never become dependent or betray your values ​​and dreams.

You Are Sensitive

Confident women are attentive and compassionate. They are steady and at peace with themselves and are therefore open and sensual to those around them – especially their partners.

You Set and Accept Boundaries

Self-confident women do not allow crossing borders and understand the restricts of their partner.

They Are Good Listeners

Confident women are not always preoccupied with themselves and their issues. Therefore, they have free capacities to take care of their companions. They also see the life and experiences of others as a creativity that enriches and advances them.

They Address Problems Comfortable

Confident women don’t expect their companion to read their minds. They are not afraid to raise problems or disagreements – after all, this is the easiest and quickest way to solve them.

They Insist On Mutual Respect

Confident women esteem their companion and expect the same from him or her. If someone disrespects them, there’s a good opportunity that someone is too insecure to be in a relationship with a confident woman and can expect to be single again soon.


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