Easy Black And White Drawings and Sketches

Experts explain how to deal with negative shapes when drawing in black and white and brings out illustrations. Tired of drawing lines We’ll tell you a secret: There is a faster way to start painting than with the lines. Faster, more imaginative, more creative, more powerful. Today we are showing how to draw using only black and white, in such a way that they intertwine like yin and yang.

If you are a beginner, pay close attention! Forget everything you’ve learned so far. Take your stylus and think of it no longer as a stylus, but as something to spread paint. A brush of ink. It’s an old trick that all painters know: color in shapes to define the volume of the items in the work. The quickest way to define a figure is through its silhouette; a method that is also applicable to backgrounds. Don’t waste your time sketching – color the shapes! We’re going to find our silhouettes by painting everything black. Or white if you want to draw on a black background.

Black And White Drawings and Sketches
Black And White Drawings and Sketches

Use Black and White Together

Do this as if you have a black ink brush or black felt pen in one hand. And an ink eraser, a white felt-tip pen or white gouache in the other hand. The good part about doing it digitally is that you don’t have to wait for the ink to dry! Remember that you created this without sketching first. You’ve only filled in the shapes based on volume here, not the outlines. By working on the silhouette, you ensure that the figure as a whole is understood by the viewer and that the individual parts -hands and feet of the character and what they are doing are easy to identify.


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