How To Debloat Fast – Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bloating

Although bloating is usually harmless, it is very uncomfortable. Numerous home remedies can help with this issue and reduce the indications. With a few tips, flatulence can even be prevented.

But nowadays no one really likes to talk about bloating. It is a purely innate reaction of the body to release the pressure in the stomach. According to researchers, bloating is considered an unnatural disorder if it occurs more than 15 times a day and causes pain in the body. Many then hastily turn to medication – you can often take action against the bloating yourself with easy home remedies.

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Herbal Home Remedy For Bloating

The list of home remedies that are supposed to help against bloating is long. It’s often very simple means that you don’t think of at first. For example, just hot water with a few drops of apple cider or lemon juice can help against harmless bloating. In addition, the environment provides a wide range of herbal remedies that can provide relief if there is too much air in the intestines – the following plants are particularly great against bloating: anise, caraway seed, fennel seeds.

How To Debloat
How To Debloat

Activated Charcoal

The charcoal has a rehydrate effect and helps to remove harmful substances from the body. It also reduces the genesis of new gases and can be taken in pod style.

Mineral and Healing Earth

Mineral and healing earth bind bacterias and thus also gases in the body. They are commercially available in pod or powder.

Flea Seeds

With their mucilage, fleawort has a digestive result. They bind water in the intestines, swell there and thus increase the intestinal ease. Add a teaspoon of flea seed powder to 100 mm of water. However, you should not drink more than one cup a day, because too much fiber can have a counterproductive result.

Abdominal Massages

If the indications are harmless, an easy massage can do a lot. The massage not only relaxes the stomach, but also revitalize digestion. To do this, stroke the abdomen in a circular way and with low pressure in a clockwise command. The usefulness can be increased if you use fennel or caraway oil to help.

Defoamer Preparations With The Ingredients Dimethicone 

In acute emergencies, such as at an important appointment, defoamers from the pharmacy help, which at least provide relief against bloating. These are taken in the shape of chewable tablets. Let the pharmacist advise you beforehand on which dose is the right one – it is also worth taking a look at the leaflet.

Warm wraps or a hot water bottle are other tips to soothe the digestive tract. These warming aids comfort the intestines and release the gases again. Movement is also beneficial against the air in the stomach. After each meal, take a walk around the street or go for a spin in the park.

Which Medications Relieve The Signs?

Herbal remedies often contain ingredients from the spices mentioned above, but in an intense form. Abstraction from herbal remedies in suppository style therefore have a more intensive out turn. Depending on which complaints are in the foreground, different herbs are used. For example, peppermint is known for its spasmolytic properties, while fennel and caraway are known for their anti-bloating properties.


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