How To Delete Multiple Photos In Instagram [Fast Way]

People enjoy capturing and sharing the world’s breathtaking times on Instagram. And if you are a big lover of Instagram, you must have the application on your phone. You can follow your friends and relatives on the social media application. Also, express yourself by sharing all the fun moments of your day. Sometimes you may regret posting pics on the platform. It is necessary to know how to delete photos on this app. You can learn how to delete pictures under various circumstances as long as you get the possible ways listed below.

It is not a big deal for Instagram users to delete one Instagram pic. Although useful, it might take a lot of time to delete all photos at once. You will be pleased to know how to remove them in bulk and also save time.

Open your web browser, then go to Instagram. Then log into your profile. Click on your profile picture and select view profile. Scan your account and find all the pictures you want to remove. Right-click each one you want to delete and select link in a new tab in the drop-down section. Repeat this step until you’re sure all the photos you want to delete are in a new tab. Add a hashtag as a comment to sort all the images you want to delete. Hashtag is a quick way to find images on the application.

Delete Multiple Photos In Instagram
Delete Multiple Photos In Instagram

Delete Tagged Photos 

Tagging photos is similar to tagging photos on other platforms. Instagram allows users to tag their friends in their images. When your friends tag you in a photo, that photo will appear on your page. If you are not willing to share tagged images on Instagram, you can remove them. 

 Run Instagram on your device and sign in to your account. Tap your account icon in the lower left corner to view your images. Click images of me to review photos you tag. Open the photo you want to disable. Then, if you click anywhere on the image, tags will appear. Tap your name, then select more. Continue to click remove me from photo. Hit remove and check done to save your change.


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