How To Do Marble Nail Art At Home

Here is a guide that will help you learn how and what to do to put water marble on our nails and in the comfort of your own place without having to go to the beautician. Marble is part of the world of nail art that allows us to create nails and make them unique with enamels and not just in a different way than we are used to. We are going to create a design that during the summer  bring light and vitality to the nails too.

The main feature of a marble manicure is that it beautifully imitates stone, and each image is unique. In addition, when creating a model, you can use several colors at once, since the design requires a base of different shades. Marble nail art is gaining trend this year and the coming one, and it comes in many versions. Girls who love the models will wear a strict jacket, and bright characters will be able to complement the shape with rhinestones and glitter. Masters also recommend when doing a manicure, boldly experimenting with rich colors and emphasizing the beautiful shapes of the nails.

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Use Of Water Marble

Let’s start right away with this by saying what the water marble is and what it is made of. The water marble is just a design, totally creative and abstract, that can also be easily realized at home and alone with colored enamels and water. Specific designs are created with the water marble, adding some basic colored glazes to the water.

How To Do Marble Nail Art At Home
How To Do Marble Nail Art At Home

Nail Manicure

Before starting this model we must prepare our nails to have everything perfect. To do this, we start a manicure that can clean the nail from impurities caused by the use of previous enamels. With the help of an enamel lever we can remove old enamel. With a lime we arrange the shape of our nails and also their length. We wash our hands and dry them well. We can also anticipate the manicure the day before to also take care of the hands and nails ourselves with olive oil or suitable substance.

Applying White Enamel

Immediately after the manicure, we can spread a white chalk enamel on our nails, which will allow us to highlight the colors that we are going to put on them. Then we spread out our white enamel base and let it dry well before proceeding with nail art. After the white enamel has dried, we can prepare the water marble.

Creation Of Marble Nail Art

To do this, we must take a transparent bowl and put simple water in it, which must be at room temperature. The choice of glazes to use is very important as the success of the method depends on it. And? So it’s good to remember to always use varnished and also fluorescent glazes. The enamels must be very fluid and not very compact so that the drop that we put in the water can open properly. Choosing very bright colors is not only fun but also useful, so our marble is natural.


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