How To Fix League Of Legends Freezes In Game

Why does League of Legends freeze? No more need to constantly search for details about how to fix League of Legends freezing error. Let us tell you that you have come to the right place. In the following guide we will tell you the reasons why the game is frozen and how to fix these kind of errors.

Tired of League of Legends freezing you and not allowing you to continue playing? Don’t worry, there are ways to solve this issue and here we explain them to you. Stay with us and find out what you can do to solve this problem that is making it impossible to play.

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Reasons Why League Of Legends Freezes

You don’t have to worry when League of Legends screen is frozen. This is often one of the most common errors that many players experience, and the good news is that there are ways to fix it for good.

How To Fix League Of Legends Freezes
How To Fix League Of Legends Freezes

Check The Temperature

If you are using an old device, it is most advisable to check the temperature. Usually, this kind of games usually presents a significant increase in the temperature level of the device, which leads to some errors,

Errors In The Files

Most of the time, the screen freezing issue can be caused by errors in downloaded files. When we download this game on our device, we often encounter certain errors when downloading files, either due to a virus or lack of connection.

Analyze Running Programs

The reason for the screen freezing may not only be a trouble with League of Legends, but other apps that you are running on your PC. There are some programs that can create problems and the error that the screen freezes while playing League of Legends occurs. It is a good way to analyze the startups on the PC. You have the chance to analyze each of the running programs with the task manager. Go to the “Home” variant to start the analysis procedure. Remember to disable the programs that could cause these kind of errors. Many of these programs can free up disk space on your device and the performance of playing League of Legends will be better and safer.


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