How To Know If Someone Has Restricted You On Instagram

Connecting on Instagram is usually seen as the second base in a budding relationship, especially if you have started using one of these dating applications. However, there are times when you are unsure whether a new person has blocked you or has just removed their profile picture. To help you out in these awkward situations, we have compiled some ways to help you know if someone has blocked you on the platform.

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Check Profile On Instagram Web

Searching for the username is not conclusive evidence that the individual blocked you. It is possible that the individual has decided to deactivate or delete their account. So this is the time for you to put on your detective glasses and dig deeper. How does it work you ask? Well, append their name to Instagram’s URL and open the URL in a browser where you’re not logged in. Make sure you’re not logged into the platform. If you’re using Instagram through a browser, you can just open a new tab to check. If their profile shows up here and doesn’t show up when you’re logged in, you can be sure they’ve blocked you. Even if they have a private account, you will see it with the text “The profile is private”. This is a safe method to know if the person has a Instagram profile.

If the person has deleted or deactivated their profile, they’ll see a page that says “Sorry, this page is unavailable.” By following this method, you can be sure whether the person has deleted their profil or just banned you. You can also borrow your friend’s phone and look up the person’s name on their profile, but we wouldn’t recommend it if you can do all the work yourself without leaving a trace.

How To Know If Someone Has Restricted You On Instagram
How To Know If Someone Has Restricted You On Instagram

Check Profile In Instagram 

If you can access the person’s account through old comments or through DMs, check the post count. If it shows a certain amount of posts in the counter and shows ‘No posts yet’ in the feed, that means they have blocked you. If you are not blocked, you will see all of their posts.

November 4, 2022

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