How To Remove Whiteheads At Home

We all know little black dots on the face. But many women also have whiteheads, which are a kind of precursor to their black relatives. We’ll show you how to remove them in easy steps at home.

But it’s not just blackheads that bother us, whiteheads can also lead to blemished skin. We reveal what whiteheads are, how they occur and, above all, how to get rid of them step by step so that you can enjoy the no-make-up look again without a doubt.

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What To Do Against White Blackheads? Step By Step To A Beautiful Skin

We have put together the methods and products for you that will declare war on white pimples and impure skin. If you want to remove whiteheads, all you have to do is follow these steps.

Perform A Salicylic Peeling

The best care for impure skin? A peeling with salicylic. The peeling frees the face from other dead skin cells that are deposited on the skin. It also stops excessive sebum that leads to clogged pores.

Remove Whiteheads At Home
Remove Whiteheads At Home

Open Pores With A Facial Steam Bath

Everything that cannot be removed from the skin with cleansing gel and peeling can be removed with a facial steamer. The heat and the warm steam of the facial heat ensure that the pores in the face open and deposits such as sebum, dirt or make-up residues that have settled on the facial skin are loosened. A facial steamer prepares the skin for the removal of blackheads and prevents them in the long term.

Reach For A Pore Vacuum

Many think that the pore vacuum is only suitable for removing blackheads. In fact, the white pimples can also be removed with it. The great thing: the pore cleaner has proven itself alongside clear-up strips and anti-pimple creams. The blackhead vacuum has clever vacuum innovation. With their help, the device develops strong suction when placed on the skin, which helps to pull blackheads out of the pores of the face, stimulate blood circulation in the skin and remove excess sebum. In addition, the teat should help to minimize large pores in the long term.

How Do White Blackheads Form

Whiteheads are caused by excessive sebum and a keratinization disorder in the duct. This keratinization disorder means that the sebum no longer drains through the sebaceous glands and instead is deposited on the skin, penetrates into deeper pores and clogs them.

Increased sebum can be caused by hormonal changes, for example due to stopping the birth control pill or menopause. Take your hands off your face: It is inevitable that bacteria will settle on our fingers and hands. Every time we reach for our smartphone, drive in the car or go to the office, we take a lot of bacteria with us. And because you don’t want to disinfect your hands every minute, it’s good to consciously refrain from touching your face.

Make masks regularly: face masks not only keep the skin supple, they also remove sebum and dirt. Therefore, you should use a mask at least once a week.


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