Importance Of Library With 10 Points

Last year, the City Library set a historic record: over five million visits! But the number of users is not only increasing here: In June, the US Pew Research published a study that states that libraries are particularly well known with millennials. Why it is like that? We have a few guesses. You know of other reasons?

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Because They Connect Us

Educated citizens go to the theatre, children go to school, footballers on the training ground. They all go to the library. Old and young, professors and high earners. Anyone who goes to the library can feel part of a society. People go there who are curious and who want to take advantage of their chances – regardless of whether in the district library in the social hot spot or in the department library in the university.

Libraries Are Awesome

Libraries make you happier, more relaxed, more social and more tech-savvy. Libraries look very good and break world records. Famous people, tattoo nerds, hipsters, artists and all sorts of other witty people work in libraries.

Importance Of Library
Importance Of Library

In Tune With The Times

The days when libraries only lent out printed books are long gone. Every new one that comes onto the market is quickly found in a library’s range. That was the case with CDs and currently also applies to Blurays; the stock in a metropolitan library can usually easily compete with commercial offerings.

Sharing Is Caring

When the social platforms discovered the culture of sharing as the latest trend, many libraries couldn’t believe their ears: We’ve been doing this for centuries? Because of providers like Airbnb, the reputation of sharing has suffered significantly; the suspicion that a few are making a fortune at the expense of the union cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Completely Egal Consciousness Expansion

Today’s society is so much more comfortable and mobile than in past years. Who does the same job all their life and lives in the same place all their lives? Libraries serve the need to keep up with developments, but also the innate curiosity and desire for the unknown, the unheard of and the broadening of horizons – from do it yourself  to e-learning courses. Libraries offer support and inspiration for all situations in life and in the heart. They happily burst filter bubbles, tear down boards in front of their heads and let a lot of air into dusty drawers. Again and again.

Social Responsibility

After the recent elections, there was an uproar among the population. Some wanted to join parties, others wanted to donate more, and others wanted to collect signatures. There seems to be a renewed awareness of the need to assume responsibility through some way of engagement with society or even the community. It goes without saying that libraries are great companions and medias for this. Libraries offer privacy, they are on site, they distribute and do not have to take anything in return, they are flexible and stable, they can be digital and manual, they are inclusive and offensive. They know many stories and keep everyone informed.


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