Luxury Gift Ideas For Men

Are you looking for a noble gift for a specific person? We present some luxury gift for him.

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What Expensive Gifts Can You Give A Man?

Sometimes it can be something very special – you don’t look at the price first and are also willing to dig a little deeper into your wallet. Then the gift should really stand out. That’s what a gift does when it’s tailored to the other person. It can either be from a certain brand that the man particularly appreciates or an item that is on his wish list anyway. If he wants to buy it but hasn’t done so yet. Personalized gifts are also great- a leather case with an inscription, a piece of jewelry or a pen with a signature. It is always luxury when you are sure that the person likes it and you show with the gift that you are listening and paying attention. It is a luxurious gift even if the man would think twice before buying it.

Bluetooth Speakers

The small, black Bluetooth speaker set from Braun not only looks good, but also impresses with well hi-fi sound and integrated voice thanks to Google innovation. The music set costs about 350 dollars.

Swiss Watch

Another gift idea that represents luxury in the truest sense of the word is a watch from the Swiss manufacturer Omega. A trend model and bestseller is the Moontwatch. However, before you consider these as a new year present, you should know your husband’s preferences and needs very well.

Luxury Gift For Men
Luxury Gift For Men

Leather Gloves

The great gift idea for men for new year are the leather gloves. Our favorite from the luxury category is the Bogner. If you want it even more exclusive, you can opt for Burberry’s nylon and leather gloves, which have a small pouch on the top.

Silk Pajamas

A luxury gift is a pair of well-fitting pajamas made from a well fabric, so you can feel well dressed and comfortable even at night.The black and grey colored models are one of the most well known products online.

Silk Tie

A really luxury gift that can be worn on special occasions and that every gentleman should have in his closet is a tie that he really likes. We recommend a silk model.


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