Plastic packaging

The products obtained as a result of the processing of many various products from oil refineries in petrochemical facilities are called plastic packaging. Only 4% of the oil produced in the world is used for the production of plastic packaging. While plastics are preferred because more packaging can be produced with less material, they are also used because they can be delivered in a very simple way.

Plastic packaging
Plastic packaging

What is Plastic Packaging?

Packaging used to store, transport, protect and distribute products made of plastic materials is called plastic packaging. Plastic packaging, which is a light, durable and low-cost material, is one of the frequently preferred products with these features.

However, since the disposal of plastic packaging harms the environment, plastic packaging that is close to nature is preferred. Plastic products are obtained by transforming some inorganic and organic elements found in nature into polymers, which are a more complex structure, thanks to certain temperature and pressure. The word plastic means soft materials that can be shaped easily.

Recycling of Plastic Packaging

After plastic waste is taken into the facility, it is classified under various names.


  • PVC
  • PP
  • HDPE
  • PE
  • LDPE
  • PS
  • PET

Plastics, classified with names such as, are separated into smaller pieces with special machines and dried immediately after washing. Immediately after this process, the plastic wastes are melted and the melted plastic wastes are passed through the plastic filtering machine and turned into granules.

Features of Plastic Packaging

The most important features of plastic packaging are as follows:

o Plastics used in the automobile industry support safer, cheaper and higher performance vehicles.

o Plastic packaging is cheap, light and durable materials. Plastic packaging is often preferred because other materials do not have such features together.

o Plastic and plastic materials are generally used extensively in the healthcare field and hospitals.

o Plastic, which is also used in the construction of bridges and buildings, is frequently preferred thanks to its durability and cheapness.

o Almost all of the phones and computers used are made of plastic.

Plastics with these properties are frequently used in all areas.

Numbers on Plastic Packaging

There are some numbers on plastic packages. Plastic packaging number 1 is usually found in packages containing soft drinks, water and some two-litre oils. Plastic packaging number 2 is used and preferred in the production of detergent, milk, bags and toys. Again, plastic packaging number 3 is used for food containers, soft materials and toys.

Plastic packaging number 4 is preferred for garbage bags, storage containers and water bottles. Number 5 plastic packaging is one of the most reliable types. Packaging number 6 is; It is the numbering used for disposable-style plates, cups, spoons and food packages.

Plastic Packaging Materials

Packaging made of plastic and used to package products is called plastic packaging materials. These materials are generally; It is manufactured in shapes such as bottles, tubes, cans and bags. It is quite cheap compared to other materials. In addition, it consists of light and durable materials.

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