Sandwich panels – application and production

We are encountering sandwich panels more and more frequently. It is a composite material that is conquering the Polish construction market. There are at least several reasons for this, and they all make it a product that is competitive with many others and in line with the idea of sustainable construction.

Sandwich panels application and production
Sandwich panels application and production

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Definition and brief characteristics of the product

sandwich panel is a composite building material designed to form the body of a building and cover its walls and roof. Depending on the type of insulation core used, it achieves different technical parameters. In turn, the steel plate – the other component of the sandwich panel – gives the product a certain appearance and mechanical strength. What draws investors’ attention most is the favourable heat transfer coefficient (U-value), good sound insulation and fire resistance, all encapsulated in a relatively light and thin panel that is easy to transport and install.

Manufacturing process for sandwich panels – wall and roof

Whatever sandwich panel is being made on the production line at any given time, the process of making it can be divided into several key and repeatable stages:

  • Forming the cladding
  • – this is a steel sheet of a specific shape and strength. It covers the panel on two sides.
  • Forming the insulation core
  • – this is the element at the centre of each panel. It is responsible for giving the material a thermal insulation value. It is made from various materials, but most commonly mineral wool or polyurethane foam (this is known as a PIR sandwich panel).
  • Combining elements
  • – next comes the time to combine the layers created. This stage takes place using the phenomenon of adhesion.
  • Quality control and seasoning
  • – before the composite panels are sent to the customer, they always undergo quality control (conformity of the product with the technical documentation) and seasoning, during which they gain their optimal temperature.

Where do sandwich panels perform well?

Good quality sandwich wall and roof panels are being used more and more often in construction, not only in modern buildings. Both private clients and investors opt for this material. It works well for the creation of production halls and warehouses, office buildings, shopping centres, cold stores and freezers, logistics centres, various types of workshops, as well as farm buildings, among others.


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