The Cottagecore Aesthetic Trend Is Back

The landlove fashion cottagecore aesthetic will accompany us again this spring and summer. Here you will find the most beautiful dresses to match.

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Light, Airy, Natural

The cottage core fashion, which was celebrated in 2021 and stands as an expression of a closeness to nature and a love of country life, is making a comeback in the world this spring and summer and is reflected in garments with a basic, airy fabrics, neutral colors and floral patterns.

Cottagecore aesthetic
Cottagecore aesthetic

Dresses in particular can often be found in this style this year and, with their wide cuts, delicate colors, puffed sleeves and so on. Ensure a romantic and playful flair in the warmer days. It’s also easy to combine: Cottagecore aesthetic dresses hardly need anything to look fabulous – that makes them a real all-rounder in the wardrobe. Nice sandals, minimalist jewelry and a thin jacket or scarf for cooler evening hours are all you need for a beautiful outfit. If you like it casual, you can also choose a denim jacket and sneakers, done.

In Spring 2023 The Trend Is Back

 The medium-length seersucker dress gives you a romantic look. The dress is made from 100 % organic cotton. It not only brings lightness to your look, it also makes it sustainable. The waisted cut of the trend dress ensures an appearance with a great effect, the puff sleeves bring additional look and the wrap dress look wonderfully emphasizes the narrowest part of the body.

Delicate beige meets white checks. Because the piece in cottagecore aesthetic doesn’t exactly scream for attention, it can be easily integrated into almost any outfit and adapted to any mood. For a classy look, it’s perfect to wear gold jewelry and an oversized coat. The two parts are great for showcasing black shoes, such as chunky loafers.

But if you really want to go all out on when it comes to country flair, a denim jacket or a knitted cardigan, a playful scarf in your hair and boots made of brown leather are also suitable. With an eye-catching but color-statement bag, you can set accents in no time at all.


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