The Most Expensive Shoes In The World

The most expensive shoes in the world: How much money would you pay for a pair of fancy shoes? A few hundred dollars? The most expensive shoes in the world cost notably more. Shoes are a sign of lifestyle. Anyone who has ever wondered what the most expensive shoes in the world cost can get an overview below. The majority of the top rankings are provided by sports shoes. But these are not just any sports shoes. Almost half of the most expensive shoes come from the Air Jordan brand. None other than the basketball legend  Jordan is the owner and namesake of this brand and largely responsible for its success.

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Buscemi 100MM Diamond

The pair of shoes belongs to the Buscemi brand. As with the first place winner, the Buscemi 100 MM Diamond can have hand-set jewellery and 18k gold worn on the foot.

Buscemi 100MM Diamond
Buscemi 100MM Diamond

Nike Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

The Air Jordan 12 is a single pair and was worn by Jordan in the 1997 Finals. They changed hands through an auction. They were considered the most expensive sneakers in the world at the time.

DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3

Only one of this pair went on sale and was sold for 25,000 dollars. As for the Sneaker DJ Khaled x Air Jordan, it was created in cooperation between DJ Khaled and Air Jordan. The background to the collaboration is the passion for selection of the DJ. To this day, he owns one of the largest Air Jordan collections in the world. The sneaker bears the same name that Khaled gave to his album released at the same time. The shoes were randomly given with the purchase of the album. Additions went to Khaled’s circle of friends and acquaintances.

The answer does not lie in the use of elements. Only place 1 has diamonds and high-quality. The other shoes are limited editions that were created in partnership with a well-known designer. Signed shoes, like Jordan’s Converse sneaker, justify a huge price increase all by themselves.

Where Can I Get One Of The Most Expensive Shoes In The World?

The answer is varied: On the one hand, there is the route with the auction. If it is a shoe from the Air Jordan brand, then it makes sense to subscribe to a newsletter. Searches on internet can also be helpful. At auctions, however, attention must be paid to ensuring that the items are originals and not fakes.


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