Best Electric Bikes in The World

The market for electric bikes is huge. The pedal assistance provided by the e-motor has made the bicycle palatable again for many day trippers. But buying an e-bike is still a big investment, because good motorized bikes often cost over 3,000 dollars. There are also differences depending on whether you want to use the e-bike to get to work in the city or whether you are out and about on dirt roads in your free time. There are different categories here. However, some manufacturers also offer so-called all-road or e-bikes that meet both requirements. We give you recommendations for e-bikes and further details. In the blog you can see what you should consider when buying an electric bikes.

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The Best E-Bikes According To Tests

In the current e-bike test, all-rounders that can be used as trekking and city ones as well as e-mountain bikes. The models are electric bikes with low entry frames. Similar models are usually also available with a top tube. The result: Of the some examples tested, some models achieved the quality rating good. The test winner gets a grade of 1.8, the other bikes are between grades 2.1 and 2.3. The riding functions of the models are similarly good, there are major differences in handling. 

The KTM Macina Aera 671 achieved the good overall rating in the test. The testers praised the maneuverability of the e-bike and the excellent derailleur gears, which also work very well on inclines. A great motor provides the drive: The Bosch Line CX. It’s just a bit too loud for the testers. The 625 watt-hour battery provides a reasonable range and is easy to install and remove.

Electric Bikes in The World
Electric Bikes in The World

Along with the Turbo Tero 4.0, two other electric bikes tied for second place. However, both models are in short supply and hard to come by. The Simplon Kagu Bosch  is the only SUV e-bike with hub gears. The handling of the model is good overall, but the comfort is not so great. In terms of handling, the Stevens E-Universe performs slightly better and, above all, is notably cheaper. However, some equipment aspects such as the lighting are worse. Overall, the other two models are only satisfactory. The Corratec MTC is usually good to ride, but there are weaknesses in the battery charging time and in the handling and emissions categories.

How Much Do I Have To Spend For A Good E-Bike?

The prices for e-bikes are still at a high level. Demand is high and delivery bottlenecks are causing a further shortage of supply. E-bikes for less than 1,000 dollars are available from time to time as special offers in discount stores. Among the high-quality branded models, the range under 2,000 dollars is not very large. For a good electric bikes with a good motor and high durability, you usually have to spend at least 3,000 dollars. The price range is open upwards, many top recommendations are between 4,000 and 5,000. But that also depends on the model of e-bike. On average, e-mountain bikes are more expensive than city ones, for example. You can also pay five-digit prices for specific models.


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