Does Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts

Instagram is the world’s largest social platform with over 2 billion users. Many users of this social media leave their pages dormant and never return to their profiles. But does Instagram delete inactive ones?

Yes, usually, Instagram has established rules that delete any inactive user after a certain period of time. Different rules considered for this issue result in deletion after being inactive. But how long does it usually take to delete an Instagram? What opportunities need to be enabled to completely remove this profile from Instagram?

In general, Instagram has various systems to detect users who break the law. So, breaking any of these rules could result in your profile being terminated and potentially your profile shut down entirely. For example, if Instagram discovers that you have posted a post with indecent content, it will first delete the post and then close your account by repeating this procedure.

Does Instagram Delete Inactive Account
Does Instagram Delete Inactive Account

When Does Instagram Delete An Inactive Profile?

Instagram has never set a time for deleting an account and has never declared a time limit. However, the network reminds you from time to time to log into your profile and send a post or story to avoid this problem. In this section you can also read the rules for deactivating your Instagram. Based on user experiences and details we got from it, it seems that Instagram deletes inactive users one to two years after complete inactivity.


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