If You Search Someone On Instagram Will They Know

If you search someone on Instagram, then it will not only be shown in the activities but also under the followers on the profile. With a public account, anyone can see who you are currently following on Instagram. With a private one, your subscriptions are only visible to your followers. Occasionally you would like to secretly follow one or the other user and then the question arises, how can I search someone on Instagram without others being able to see it? Is it even possible to secretly follow someone and if so, how does it work in the app?

If You Search Someone On Instagram Will Know
If You Search Someone On Instagram Will Know

Subscribe To Instagram Secretly?

Even if it seems to be a very well known feature, the current version does not allow you to secretly subscribe and follow a user anonymously. Your current subscriptions are always visible on your account and are visible to your followers and, on profiles, to anyone who visits your profile and taps subscribed. On the other hand, you can of course also see who others are following on the app.

If you currently have a public account and do not want other users to be able to see who you are following, you can make your profile private and thus restrict visibility. As mentioned above, with a private one, only your current followers can see who you are currently subscribed to. If there are strangers among your followers, you can easily delete followers on Instagram.

-Launch Instagram, open settings and select Privacy.

-Under connections you can set the Account privacy and switch from public to private.


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