How Can You Hide Posts From People On Instagram

You can now decide for yourself how and on which Instagram posts you display the number of likes. And so it goes.

How to Hide Like Count on Instagram

If you want to hide the complete number of likes of other posts, then navigate to “Privacy Posts” in the settings and activate the variant “Hide likes and number of views”.

You upload a new photo, after four hours it has 50 likes. The picture before had after this time and almost 100 likes. If you open the timeline, contributions from stars and acquaintances will be displayed. Countless likes, the response to her pictures seems to have no end. If this sounds familiar and you feel like these things are negatively impacting your self-esteem, consider hiding your Instagram like count. This is now very easy to do in just a few steps.

How Can You Hide Posts From People On Instagram
How Can You Hide Posts From People On Instagram

For a few years, Instagram has been testing with displaying likes. As usual, some users were shown the number of likes under posts, while this number was hidden from other users. Instagram wants to reduce the pressure that individual users might feel in the hunt for as many likes as possible. Because every Instagram user prefers a different view, you can now set whether you want to show or hide the number of likes for your own and other posts.

There are different options when it comes to hiding likes. On the one hand, you can set that no more likes are displayed for other users. You can also choose not to see the likes of your posts. If you want to achieve the latter, so that you no longer worry about your own number of likes, you have to do this for each picture individually. If you want to hide the likes when creating a picture, proceed as follows:

Choose an image of your choice and add captions and more if necessary. Now click on “Advanced Settings” at the bottom. Now toggle the “Hide the number of likes and views for this post” switch so that it appears blue. Now go back and click on “Share”. And the number of likes is no longer displayed and the video views are also hidden. At least for other users. You can still see the number of likes by tapping “See Likes” below the post. To set the variant while publishing a feed post, tap on “Advanced settings” in the last step below and check the “Hide number of likes and views for this post” again.

February 27, 2024

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