Mannequins For A Lifelike Presentation

If you stop in front of a store looking for a pullover or the right dress for your friend’s birthday, you want to get a rough opinion of ​​what the new item will look like when you look in the shop window. For this reason, the well-known mannequin is one of the most well known inventions in retail and, apart from the conventional sales stands, is a must-have for every seller of clothing or shoes.

The models are usually produced in different options in order to be able to present fashion tailored to the target. In addition to male and female mannequins, children’s mannequins are also offered. Mannequins are not to be confused with tailor’s dummies. While the former serve to present fashion in a lifelike manner and usually have limbs, tailor’s dummies usually only consist of a torso. Cloth is draped on it to make clothes.

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Mannequin Materials and Models

While products such as papier-mâché, wax or plaster were used in the past, the recent mannequins are usually made of either plastic or fiberglass. The latter is a plastic that is reinforced with fibers. The product allows the creation of realistic dolls that appear lifelike and are particularly suitable for the appealing presentation of fashion. However, mannequins made of glass fiber reinforced are much more expensive than other ones. They are also less robust and may therefore need to be replaced more frequently than mannequins made from other elements. Mannequins come in a variety of models that are made for specific purposes. For example, mannequin models in casual poses are particularly suitable for the presentation of clothing or sportswear. Other dolls assume elegant standing poses and are used for the appealing representation of suits, shirts, dresses but also casual wear. Many mannequins are movable, like a manikin, and their posture can be changed. These models can be used in many ways, but are much more expensive than conventional mannequins. Visit to find out about the mannequin models and further information.

Which Advertising Mannequin Best Showcases The Item?

The advertising mannequins differ in size, element and design. They are represented in different sizes. The facial features are finely worked out and rich in detail. The manufacturers produce advertising mannequins with different skins, precise eyelash processing and with natural or eye catching make-up. Whether smiling or looking serious, the faces of the advertising mannequins look deceptively real. Depending on how and where the mannequin is to be used, the choice falls on the right pose at More Mannequins Shop brand. The dolls are standing, sitting or held in the middle of an action: happily cheering, walking. Poses suitable for presenting lingerie and underwear are also represented.


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